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IEF supports conservation, education and research of the world’s elephants with a commitment to affect positive change through the facilitation of elephant conservation and sound scientific investigation resulting in the protection of elephants for future generations.

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TSAVO TRUST – Saying goodbye to a Tsavo icon

NOTE: some people may find these images disturbing With great sadness, we report the death of Satao, one of Tsavo’s most iconic and well-loved tuske... Read More

Kenya’s biggest elephant killed by poachers

From a biodiversity perspective, tuskers are rare specimens, the pinnacle of their species. Photograph: © Mark Deeble & Victoria Stone 2014 Kenya... Read More

NRT Mourn A True Conservation Hero

May 15, 2014 A brave ranger from NRT’s specialised 9-1 security team lost his life in an exchange of fire with heavily armed cattle raiders on Sunda... Read More

Student film raising awareness of illegal poaching, & supporting IEF

How Much Is Your Face Worth? (Elephant Conservation Project) Tribeca Flashpoint students teamed up with the International Elephant Foundation to raise... Read More

Elephant Ecosystems

A short animation by Untamed Science and Trunks & Leaves Inc. about the importance of elephants and other wildlife for their ecosystems. Elephant ... Read More

IEF donates StepOnePlus zPCR System

news release Contact: Deborah Olson, IEF, 817. 237.9034 International Elephant Foundation Donates StepOnePlus qPCR System to the National Elephant Her... Read More


UPDATED – June 2014: Serengeti HEC

This project will address the root causes of the conflict – poverty, lack of conservation education – through village meetings about conservation and habitat utilization, Learn More

UPDATED - May 2014: Conservation of Elephants - Uganda

Poaching in MFCA has been extreme and includes heavily armed gangs targeting elephants Learn More

UPDATED - May 2014: Support to Joint Conservancy Anti-poaching Team NRT

Learn More

Large Elephant Monitoring Project, Kenya

Tsavo’s last surviving “hundred pounder” tuskers are in peril. Learn More

UPDATED - Mounted Horse Patrol Anti-poaching Unit, Kenya

UPDATE: May 2014 - Monthly Activity Report Now Available Learn More

Sumatra Elephant Conservation Response Units

This ongoing IEF project provides a strong link between in-situ and ex-situ elephant conservation. Learn More

UPDATED: Plantation of Elephant Food Plants and Natural Barrier Plants

Human-elephant conflict is a problem in many villages in Assam. Learn More