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IEF supports conservation, education and research of the world’s elephants with a commitment to affect positive change through the facilitation of elephant conservation and sound scientific investigation resulting in the protection of elephants for future generations.

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IEF donates StepOnePlus zPCR System to the National Elephant Herpesvirus Laboratory at the Smithsonian National Zoo

IEF App on iTunes – Get it on your iPhone

We are pleased to announce the new IEF app now on iTunes. DOWNLOAD IT TODAY!... Read More

International Elephant & Rhino Conservation & Research Symposium Proceedings

2013 International Elephant & Rhino Conservation & Research Symposium Proceedings 167MB PDF File – DOWNLOAD HERE. Document length:1511 p... Read More

2014 IEF Grants Awards

IEF Grant Awards for 2014 were announced. IEF requested that all Grant Proposals be submitted by August 16, 2013. Each proposal underwent an extensive... Read More

Grant Applications for 2015 Conservation and Research Funding Now Available

IEF is now accepting proposals for 2015 AFRICAN ELEPHANT IN SITU Conservation Funding Support. 2015 African Elephant Conservation Grant Application... Read More

Tix 4 Cause

The IEF proudly announces our partnership with Tix4Cause Now you can help support IEF while enjoying concerts, sporting events, plays, and more. Simpl... Read More


Support to Joint Conservancy Anti-poaching Team of Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT) to Protect African Elephants in Northern Kenya

Learn More

Large Elephant Monitoring Project, Kenya

Tsavo’s last surviving “hundred pounder” tuskers are in peril. Learn More

Mounted Horse Patrol Anti-poaching Unit

This project will enhance the capacity of law enforcement personnel to decrease the level of poaching and other illegal Learn More

Sumatra Elephant Conservation Response Units

This ongoing IEF project provides a strong link between in-situ and ex-situ elephant conservation. Learn More

Plantation of Elephant Food Plants and Natural Barrier Plants

Human-elephant conflict is a problem in many villages in Assam. Learn More

Schools Awareness Program

Human- elephant conflict is a growing problem in Sri Lanka as elephants are forced to leave the forest looking for food and water. Learn More